• Large-scale organizational assessment, analysis and development project to identify and address root causes of work stress on multiple levels (Fortune 100).
    New Service: WorkPsych Issues Survey: Identify and Resolve Root Causes of Productivity Problems
  • Ongoing formal assessments of high-performing middle and senior executives for leadership and managerial skills, and development recommendations (Fortune 300).
  • Continuing evaluation of dysfunctional and distressed executives for development, coaching and treatment options and referrals (Fortune 100, medium size companies, and smaller firms).
  • Human Resource, Occupational Medicine and EAP consultation on people management, office conflicts, organizational behavior, psychiatric disability, psychiatric management, workplace seminars and other issues (Fortune 100, medium size companies, and smaller firms).
  • New Models Quality of Mental Health Care Benefit Design (In discussion. Multiple publications, presentations, professional and business committees).